Greetings Corvette Enthusiasts!  Welcome to my 1967 Chevrolet Corvette site. My intention is to show you the history of my corvette restoration which took place over a twenty-three year period, providing technical details, and also, outside links to other Corvette-oriented web sites and resellers. 

     My name is Todd Roman, and I purchased our ‘67 Corvette used in 1973. It had some minor body alterations and engine modifications already implemented. For example, one of the repairs that needed to be done was to fiberglass-over the additional third taillight holes that had been cut in for the early 70’s custom look. Headers were also included in the sale as were a spare transmission, rear-end, and a pair of M&H Wrinklewall slicks.  Oh yes, I almost forgot, the original engine had been yanked and set aside while a 480HP 350CID was sitting in the engine compartment. 
Finally we took the car for its "Maiden Drive" and after a few hours of my wife  lighting them up each time that she pulled away from a traffic light, I decided it was too much horsepower for her so I sold the engine and re-inserted the original 300HP 327CID.

     We drove the car for about two years and it was constantly breaking down, IE: bearings, water pumps, universals, etc.  I decided to take it off the road for a while and repair it properly before we registered it again for road use.  The car sat in the garage for years while we raised our kids, coaching softball, baseball, soccer, and even umpiring.  You name it, we did it!  The car became a platform for storage under a tarp, basically a "Rip Van Winkle" of a car.  Finally, after our youngest finished college, it was time to

remove the tarp to see if it was still there.  I spent about a year and a half putting it back together with parts bought over the years from ventures to “Corvettes at Carlisle” and the original parts that I removed in 1975, when it came off the street.  The funny part about it, was I knew that I had the parts, but over twenty three years and two house moves, they were scattered all over the house and garage.


     After the car was painted (it took six months with eight coats of prime) it was only a few weeks before it was road worthy.  My wife Patty and I took it for it’s second “Maiden Drive” and we were thrilled to ride in it again.  It brought back many memories like when she took six of her friends home one night where they all jammed in the rear compartment area and passenger seat.  Oh well, sweet memories.  We’re on the road again...! 

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"I'm On The Road Again"



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